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Some fashion faves! Inspiration for a socially conscious & sustainable wardrobe

I’ve been doing a lot of ‘window shopping’ online of late, I think it may be the fact that I haven’t bought a piece of clothing in almost 12 months! Half of the reason is because I’m a full time student with a mortgage, but also because the next time I wear something new I want to know where it’s come from, I don’t want to buy from some main stream store that is a part of ‘fast fashion’. I’m really motivated to make some shorts out of old jeans, source some blouses from an op shop and upcycle them into something a bit more on trend. Perhaps even embellish a jacket with some beads from my old collection. I don’t know exactly what my first little project will be but the combination of having no spare money for retail therapy and my newfound mission to wear only sustainable clothing means I will be making something with my poor unloved sewing machine very soon. I love fashion but not at the expense of others!  Below are some images to inspire me. *Watch this space*



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Eco Conscious & Cruelty Free Autumn Finds.

I am a lover of all things Interior Design, Textiles, Fashion and Beauty! Couple that with a keen interest in doing what I can to live a more conscious life and it’s led me to constantly be looking into brands and products that are more eco friendly (and affordable…) and in the way of beauty products – safe & animal cruelty free. I’ve put together a bit of a mood board below, of a few things I’ve currently got my eye on!



Clockwise from left: Shirt from Asos, Lighting from Jasper & Eve, Beanbag from Koskela, Dress from Free People, Boots from Free People, Lipstick from Inika,  Kantha quilts from Eco Chic, Mules from Revolve Clothing, Grey rug and Floral weave rug from Armdadillo&Co


So here is a bit of background info on these companies.

One of my all time favourite online stores ASOS, now has a section on their website called Eco Edit which has a great range of sustainable products. Their fair trade label ASOS Made in Kenya, which was created in partnership with SOKO Kenya, also showcases some really cool clothing. I am so happy ASOS have delved into this – finally!! It’s hard to find affordable clothing these days that you can have confidence in, knowing that it’s been produced in an environmentally and socially conscious way.

In regards to shoes, I look for faux leather/suede and in particular Revolve Clothing always have an amazing range. To make things easier, online stores  Lulu’s and Free People  have a ‘Vegan’ section for shoes and while not always a huge range – they always have something I want!

I am now an avid user of organic, natural and cruelty free makeup. I’m dying to try Inika – I’ve heard they’re amazing and I’m keen to try the ‘Nude Pink’ lipstick. I currently use Arbonne & Eye of Horus (EOH have an amazing eyebrow pencil by the way…)  but want to broaden my makeup collection and try a few new things!

NOW, homewares… I find it really hard to find beautiful fair trade, eco friendly products! But alas, I have found a couple of Australian companies who offer a gorgeous range. Jasper & Eve are a small business and have partnered with Cambodia WTL International, an organisation helping Cambodian people and $1 from every purchase, they donate to this charity. Amazing! Another company is Eco Chic, this is where I found the Kantha Quilts (loooove).

Koskela & Armadillo & Co are two more well known Australian Homeware companies who have an amazing product range and are doing great things. Koskela supply sustainable products and 1% of all their product sales go back to Indigenous Australians who help make the products, to support their way of life and to enable them to continue their traditional practices. I particularly love the Willie Weston collaboration which the beanbag is part of. The Willie Weston fabrics are simply stunning!

Armadillo & Co supply hand woven rugs which are fair trade and sustainable and they have an amazing range, in particular I love the ‘Perennial’ collection.

I so wish there were more brands out there that were more eco friendly & socially aware. There are definitely already many who’s practice and ethos entail this, but the world needs more of them. It’s slowly getting there!

If you know of any amazing brands, products or companies, let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear about it.