Eco friendly homewares! Ft. One of my favourite suppliers.




I’m loving EcoChic. They by far have the best range of homewares online which you can be confident are Fair Trade certified and that the materials used for making the products are derived from renewable resources. Eco conscious shopping here we come.

They have the perfect pieces to create that high/low, old/new look. Mix it up!

Do yourselves a favour and check out their range.


Please note this post is not sponsored or endorsed – I just love spreading the word about people who are doing the right thing by other people and our environment.



Bathrooms with recycled vanities

I love bathrooms, they are one of the first rooms you spend time in when you get up in the morning, it’s a place where you can relax in the bath and pamper yourself. I think bathrooms should feel warm, cosy & welcoming just like any other part of the home.

I’m obsessed with using old vintage dressers and drawers for the vanity cabinet to bring in warmth through the timber and add the element of the ‘old’ mixed with the new elements in the room.

The other great thing about them is that they are eco-friendly! One of the criteria I try to meet when I approach design solutions is that of using environmentally friendly and socially conscious product & materials as much as possible, a great way to do this is to try and find second hand or recycled items. If I can’t find the right thing for the project using that process, I use products from companies that have the right sustainability practices in place.

Here are a few images I’ve been looking at for inspiration for an upcoming project.

Next stop: 2nd hand furniture stores & Gumtree!



Love this simple look


Design by Kirsten Grove of Simply Grove


Stunning bathroom design by Bre Bertoloni from Brepurposed


Sarah Sherman Samuels amazing bathroom


Via the Design Files. Cute!




Happy Tuesday!




It’s been a while… and I want to talk about home offices!

Wow, it’s been a while in between blog posts. I have been extremely busy however with studying a Diploma alongside completing a Certificate IV (which I finished today yay!) and wedding planning! Busy busy. I’m also in the midst of organising my office, I don’t know if you’re anything like me but I have to work in a ‘zen’ space free of clutter or I cannot concentrate on what I’m doing.

Our home office is small and in one of our back bedrooms, it has enough room for a large desk -which I currently have- and some storage but right now everything is ‘organised’ on the floor and on the shelf above my desk which my fiancé made for me the other week. It looks fab! Albeit slowly but surely filling up with the stuff that should be in drawers which I don’t have yet!

Apart from more storage the next on the list of things is a macrame hanger to cover the built in cupboard which doesn’t have doors (because these were extremely damaged when we moved in) and I want to do something a bit boho. I also really want a little sewing machine desk with hair pin legs (oh so cute) so I can keep my  current desk free for design work. I also really require some greenery in the form of faux plants…because I do not do real plants. If they want to live they shouldn’t come and live in my home!

I’m a big believer in creating a really comfortable work space, especially when it’s for something creative. Us creative types are usually pretty affected by our surroundings and we also want a space that inspires us. It’s my mission amongst everything else on my to-do list for the rest of this year, to finish this office so it’s set up for work, study & making. Essentially I really want it to be a creative studio, despite how small the room is! I’m going to have to get really creative about the storage solutions and layout, to fit a desk for drawing, a desk for a sewing machine, room for storage of art supplies, books, magazines, samples, crafty stuff… I can’t wait to have it finished.

Below are some of my favourite images of home offices & work spaces. I find all of these really inspiring. Also, if you have any hints or tips or know of any really good storage systems which don’t have to be fixed to the wall and suitable for small spaces,  I would love to know about them!


This craft room/office is clever. Sewing machine table goals right there!


Love the boho look of this room and that pendant light is gorgeous.


Stunning office by Studio McGee.


By Dee & Darren from The Block Australia. Loving the shiplap!


Love this simplicity of this room by Perth’s Sass & Spice.


Moody wall and stunning desk. By Chanel Dror.


From SF Girl by the Bay. Love the layered rugs and chunky rustic timber desk.



The Modern Barn House

New Zealand homes are amazing, I have been there twice now with my partner who is from there and each time I am obsessed with the houses! I think the Kiwi’s are really ahead in terms of design.

I am currently obsessed with the Modern Barn House and the New Zealanders do them well and they just cannot go wrong with that amazing scenery the country is renowned for!

We plan on moving over there in the near future for a few years and most likely build a small home and I think we’ll be using homes such as the below for inspiration.




The peaked ceilings, timber cladding, full height glass windows and doors. They are just stunning and ooze an open, spacious feeling that also looks comfortable and with the right furnishings, homely and warm.

This type of home is definitely on the wish list for our next house!


Image sources – Pinterest, Fearon Hay, Red Architecture, Cushla Thurston, Build Me Architecture, Case Ornsby, RTA Design


Eco Conscious & Cruelty Free Autumn Finds.

I am a lover of all things Interior Design, Textiles, Fashion and Beauty! Couple that with a keen interest in doing what I can to live a more conscious life and it’s led me to constantly be looking into brands and products that are more eco friendly (and affordable…) and in the way of beauty products – safe & animal cruelty free. I’ve put together a bit of a mood board below, of a few things I’ve currently got my eye on!



Clockwise from left: Shirt from Asos, Lighting from Jasper & Eve, Beanbag from Koskela, Dress from Free People, Boots from Free People, Lipstick from Inika,  Kantha quilts from Eco Chic, Mules from Revolve Clothing, Grey rug and Floral weave rug from Armdadillo&Co


So here is a bit of background info on these companies.

One of my all time favourite online stores ASOS, now has a section on their website called Eco Edit which has a great range of sustainable products. Their fair trade label ASOS Made in Kenya, which was created in partnership with SOKO Kenya, also showcases some really cool clothing. I am so happy ASOS have delved into this – finally!! It’s hard to find affordable clothing these days that you can have confidence in, knowing that it’s been produced in an environmentally and socially conscious way.

In regards to shoes, I look for faux leather/suede and in particular Revolve Clothing always have an amazing range. To make things easier, online stores  Lulu’s and Free People  have a ‘Vegan’ section for shoes and while not always a huge range – they always have something I want!

I am now an avid user of organic, natural and cruelty free makeup. I’m dying to try Inika – I’ve heard they’re amazing and I’m keen to try the ‘Nude Pink’ lipstick. I currently use Arbonne & Eye of Horus (EOH have an amazing eyebrow pencil by the way…)  but want to broaden my makeup collection and try a few new things!

NOW, homewares… I find it really hard to find beautiful fair trade, eco friendly products! But alas, I have found a couple of Australian companies who offer a gorgeous range. Jasper & Eve are a small business and have partnered with Cambodia WTL International, an organisation helping Cambodian people and $1 from every purchase, they donate to this charity. Amazing! Another company is Eco Chic, this is where I found the Kantha Quilts (loooove).

Koskela & Armadillo & Co are two more well known Australian Homeware companies who have an amazing product range and are doing great things. Koskela supply sustainable products and 1% of all their product sales go back to Indigenous Australians who help make the products, to support their way of life and to enable them to continue their traditional practices. I particularly love the Willie Weston collaboration which the beanbag is part of. The Willie Weston fabrics are simply stunning!

Armadillo & Co supply hand woven rugs which are fair trade and sustainable and they have an amazing range, in particular I love the ‘Perennial’ collection.

I so wish there were more brands out there that were more eco friendly & socially aware. There are definitely already many who’s practice and ethos entail this, but the world needs more of them. It’s slowly getting there!

If you know of any amazing brands, products or companies, let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear about it.





A 1970’s kitchen renovation on a budget

As you may know from previous posts, we are renovating our 1975 built home in Perth, Western Australia.

We started work on the house in December 2014 and I feel that in just over 2 years, we have done quite a lot! It has been a full home reno, on a budget and while my partner and I have been working full time jobs – it’s been an experience to say the least. One of my favourite areas to refurb was the ug-lyyyy green and brown kitchen. Yep! It had green laminate bench tops, dark timber cabinetry and a brown brick feature wall with an arch characterised by the 70’s. We completed this kitchen project at just over $2,000 (AUD), which not only included the finishes but also a new range hood, oven, sink, tap ware and down lights!

Here are a couple of before and after photos:

2017-03-07 01.39.11 1.jpg


2017-03-07 01.37.09 1.jpg

We painted all of the brickwork, painted the cabinetry in Dulux Monument Grey and used Rust-oleum Countertop Transformations for the bench tops.

There’s just one finishing touch yet to be completed – that is to find some beautiful old salvaged timber and make some shelves to go either side of the range hood and perhaps above the sink. It will break up the white and add some warmth to the colour scheme, plus  I’ll have somewhere for my cookbooks, some little plants and anything else I want to have on display.

I’m looking at these images for inspiration.

I’m not sure yet whether to have floating shelves or use brackets and whether to go for a rustic raw edge or a sleek/modern look.

Let me know what style you think would suit the kitchen best in the comments below!


Obsessed with One Kings Lane…

Sooo it’s currently Sunday night in Perth, it has been 38 degrees (celsius) today – which is super hot! All day I’v been in and out of the pool and doing bits and pieces on my computer  in the air con. Pretty cruisy day I must say.

At the moment I’m loving Olioboard for putting together mood boards for the rooms in our house (a.k.a full home renovation!).

Our bedroom only consists of a bed and one set of drawers, no curtains, no nightstands, no lamps, really not a lot. So I put together the below to get a feel for how I want to style it.

All of these items are from One Kings Lane (If you have never checked out their range, do so now!)


Being that the room is quite small and has mid brown floorboards, I feel like a lighter coloured rug is actually better if I want to make the room feel bigger. Although I do have a  love affair with colourful Kilim rugs, I can instead introduce colour through the textiles and artwork.

design-communication-1-assignment-3-one-point-perspective-drawing_final-1This is the render I did recently for the bedroom, what do you think – light coloured rug or a colourful Kilim?

Let me know in the comments below!

P.s our budget kitchen renovation story & progress photos will be up soon!


Our new Office/Study

So we have just finished off the last room in our house and this will become my office/studio… which is super exciting because for the past 2 years we haven’t had a spare room to hide away and catch up on work or for me, study! I cannot wait to make this room my haven, for now I’ll be using my current desk and chair but once we have some extra funds I plan on going all out and buying pieces I LOVE.

Here are the before and after photos. Yep… this room was once a grow room. It took a plasterer and about 6 coats of paint to get it looking right.




My idea for this room will be an eclectic look with a relaxed feel, bright with colourful elements, some greenery (probably a faux plant as I’m not exactly a green thumb!), some ethnic pattern in the rug/textiles and definitely some interesting artwork.

After over 2 years of renovating a whole house and living with hand me down furniture  from family – although very grateful – I am so so excited to start sourcing furniture & homewares from my favourite stores and get down to business with the styling.

More before and afters from our mid-70’s brick home reno to come…

Happy Friday!

J x




So one of my all time favourite modern interior styles is an eclectic look with a touch of ethnic – through the use of textiles, rugs, cushions, wall hangings and art work.

I feel like it’s really authentic, interesting and it can be a mix-mash of different elements but if the balance in texture, colour and size is right it looks amazing and gives off such a relaxed and easy vibe.

This is a board I created through Olioboard, loving using these at the moment to throw together ‘dream’ rooms – this one I would quite happily have as my own bedroom!Eclectic Olioboard.jpg

Do you have separate zones in your bedroom, i.e one for relaxing and one for sleeping?

If so, let me know in the comments below I would love to hear about it!