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A new bathroom can be eco-friendly!

I recently worked on a bathroom project and loved exploring material options that were either eco friendly or that were handmade, supporting artisans craftsmanship.

I’m currently exploring different options to achieve a ‘green’ design in all instances of design, which is fun! Below is my hand render of the concept for a main bathroom. The client wanted eclectic, old meets new with lots of colour, pattern and texture with the overall style to be ‘transitional’.

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 11.41.43 pm

I’m a huge fan of recycled furniture and loved the idea of a vintage/retro inspired timber vanity, because let’s face it the real vintage pieces are expens-ive and this family had a budget. So I decided to go with a custom made look-a-like one made from recycled timber.

All of the tiles in the bathroom, both wall and floor, are cement & handmade, sourced from Tiles of Ezra, an Australian tile supplier. I believe they are sourced from South America.  Absolutely love the idea of supporting artisans in their trade.

The other elements in the bathroom at this stage are new items, however for future projects I’m keen to look into scouring second hand stores and salvage yards for old tap ware, vanity mirrors, pendant lights & baths that can be re-purposed and used in residential design.

Would love to know your thoughts!

Jess  x




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