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Some fashion faves! Inspiration for a socially conscious & sustainable wardrobe

I’ve been doing a lot of ‘window shopping’ online of late, I think it may be the fact that I haven’t bought a piece of clothing in almost 12 months! Half of the reason is because I’m a full time student with a mortgage, but also because the next time I wear something new I want to know where it’s come from, I don’t want to buy from some main stream store that is a part of ‘fast fashion’. I’m really motivated to make some shorts out of old jeans, source some blouses from an op shop and upcycle them into something a bit more on trend. Perhaps even embellish a jacket with some beads from my old collection. I don’t know exactly what my first little project will be but the combination of having no spare money for retail therapy and my newfound mission to wear only sustainable clothing means I will be making something with my poor unloved sewing machine very soon. I love fashion but not at the expense of others!  Below are some images to inspire me. *Watch this space*




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