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It’s been a while… and I want to talk about home offices!

Wow, it’s been a while in between blog posts. I have been extremely busy however with studying a Diploma alongside completing a Certificate IV (which I finished today yay!) and wedding planning! Busy busy. I’m also in the midst of organising my office, I don’t know if you’re anything like me but I have to work in a ‘zen’ space free of clutter or I cannot concentrate on what I’m doing.

Our home office is small and in one of our back bedrooms, it has enough room for a large desk -which I currently have- and some storage but right now everything is ‘organised’ on the floor and on the shelf above my desk which my fiancé made for me the other week. It looks fab! Albeit slowly but surely filling up with the stuff that should be in drawers which I don’t have yet!

Apart from more storage the next on the list of things is a macrame hanger to cover the built in cupboard which doesn’t have doors (because these were extremely damaged when we moved in) and I want to do something a bit boho. I also really want a little sewing machine desk with hair pin legs (oh so cute) so I can keep my  current desk free for design work. I also really require some greenery in the form of faux plants…because I do not do real plants. If they want to live they shouldn’t come and live in my home!

I’m a big believer in creating a really comfortable work space, especially when it’s for something creative. Us creative types are usually pretty affected by our surroundings and we also want a space that inspires us. It’s my mission amongst everything else on my to-do list for the rest of this year, to finish this office so it’s set up for work, study & making. Essentially I really want it to be a creative studio, despite how small the room is! I’m going to have to get really creative about the storage solutions and layout, to fit a desk for drawing, a desk for a sewing machine, room for storage of art supplies, books, magazines, samples, crafty stuff… I can’t wait to have it finished.

Below are some of my favourite images of home offices & work spaces. I find all of these really inspiring. Also, if you have any hints or tips or know of any really good storage systems which don’t have to be fixed to the wall and suitable for small spaces,  I would love to know about them!

This craft room/office is clever. Sewing machine table goals right there!
Love the boho look of this room and that pendant light is gorgeous.
Stunning office by Studio McGee.
By Dee & Darren from The Block Australia. Loving the shiplap!
Love this simplicity of this room by Perth’s Sass & Spice.
Moody wall and stunning desk. By Chanel Dror.
From SF Girl by the Bay. Love the layered rugs and chunky rustic timber desk.




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