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Our new Office/Study

So we have just finished off the last room in our house and this will become my office/studio… which is super exciting because for the past 2 years we haven’t had a spare room to hide away and catch up on work or for me, study! I cannot wait to make this room my haven, for now I’ll be using my current desk and chair but once we have some extra funds I plan on going all out and buying pieces I LOVE.

Here are the before and after photos. Yep… this room was once a grow room. It took a plasterer and about 6 coats of paint to get it looking right.




My idea for this room will be an eclectic look with a relaxed feel, bright with colourful elements, some greenery (probably a faux plant as I’m not exactly a green thumb!), some ethnic pattern in the rug/textiles and definitely some interesting artwork.

After over 2 years of renovating a whole house and living with hand me down furniture  from family – although very grateful – I am so so excited to start sourcing furniture & homewares from my favourite stores and get down to business with the styling.

More before and afters from our mid-70’s brick home reno to come…

Happy Friday!

J x



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