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The Perfect Chemical Free Red Lippy for Xmas!

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I discovered this amazing lippy almost 12 months ago while on a summer camping trip in Albany in the south of Western Australia, with my boy and my dog (one of my most favourite things to do ever, is go on a road trip with these two!)

It’s made by the Sandalwood Factory or Mt Romance Company as they are also named – which by the way is a must visit for anyone headed down that way, especially if you want to by some gifts for your favourites. They stock an amazing range of body care, fragrances and candles. Seriously ah-mazing. I have visited there on many SW trips since I was little and have always loved the sensory overload as soon as you walk in.

So about the lipstick –  it’s called ‘Lips on Fire’ and while not classed as vegan (which I usually look for in makeup) as it contains lanolin, it’s aluminium free, super moisturising and the colour is vibrant and the perfect shade of red – perfect for the festive season!

And for any fellow gingers out there, don’t be afraid to rock the red lippy! It works so well with red hair.

It can be purchased online through their website .

Or maybe just go on a South West road trip this summer and go and check out the factory itself!

Happy Christmas x



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